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Roskilde University Molecular Dynamics package


The recent versions of RUMD can be downloaded here

Version number Download Release date
3.3 rumd_3.3.tar.xz 21/07-2017
3.2 rumd_3.2.tar.xz 02/06-2016
3.1 rumd_3.1.tar.xz 27/04-2016
3.0 rumd_3.0.tar.gz 16/03-2015
2.1.2 rumd_2.1.2.tar.gz 16/02-2015
2.1.1 rumd_2.1.1.tar.gz 23/06-2014
2.1 rumd_2.1.tar.gz 09/12-2013
2.0.2 rumd_2.0.2.tar.gz 12/09-2013
2.0.1 rumd_2.0.1.tar.gz 04/06-2013
2.0 rumd_2.0.tar.gz 31/05-2013
1.2.2 rumd_1.2.2.tar.gz 28/06-2012
1.2.1 rumd_1.2.1.tar.gz 29/05-2012
1.2 rumd_1.2.tar.gz 14/01-2012
(fixed 19/3-2012)
1.1.1 rumd_1.1.1.tar.gz 16/12-2011
1.1 rumd_1.1.tar.gz 05/07-2011
1.0 rumd_1.0.tar.gz 16/05-2011
0.10.0 rumd_0.10.0.tar.gz 17/04-2011
0.9.1 rumd_0.9.1.tar.gz 24/09-2010
0.9.0 rumd_0.9.0.tar.gz 02/07-2010

The easy way: Installation from repository

For Debian-like amd64 systems, RUMD can be installed as a package. Use the following repository entries appended to /etc/apt/sources.list or in a file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/rumd.list

deb [trusted=yes arch=amd64] http://rumd.org/rumd stretch main
deb-src [trusted=yes arch=amd64] http://rumd.org/rumd stretch main

Notice: repository was changed from debian.ruc.dk to rumd.org on 2018-09-10
After adding the repository, update the package lists by:

apt update

Install the binary packages:

apt install rumd python-rumd rumd-doc

You can also get the source from the repository:

apt source rumd

This will download and unpack the source so it is ready to be rebuilt as a package on your platform.

The hard way: Build RUMD from source

To build from the source you need
  1. The GNU Make utility
  2. gcc/g++ version 4.7 or newer
  3. The NVIDIA CUDA library version 5.0 or newer
  4. Python version 2.7
  5. zlib
  6. tcsh or c-shell
  7. Boost C++ library 1.49 or newer
  8. Swig version 2.0 or newer
To fully benefit from the post-analysis programs, we also recommend that you have
  1. GNU Octave
  2. grace
  3. vmd
To install you need to
  1. Download the source
  2. Unpack the compressed archive by

    tar xJvf rumd_3.3.tar.xz

  3. Build the software by

    cd rumd-3.3

  4. To test your installation type

    make test