Glas og tid DG Scientific Computing with CUDA

DNRF Centre "Glass and Time" will be hosting a one-day seminar on scientific computing with CUDA.

In many research fields the numerical problems demand extremely large computational power. As a consequence researchers worls wide are constantly pushing the limits. Recently, NVIDIA launched the CUDA parallel computing architecture, which enables scientists to utilize the extreme power available on modern Graphical Processor Units (GPUs).

The purpose of the seminar is to present state of the art scientific computing with CUDA in Denmark - and facilitate collaboration and networking in this emerging field.

We invite interested researchers and developers to submit an abstract on topics related to scientific computing with CUDA. Each talk is expected to last 30 minutes including discussion and questions. People not giving presentations are also very welcome to register.

There is no fee for participation. "Glass and Time" will sponsor lunch and refreshments.

Note: The first session will be devoted to an introduction to the CUDA programming model such that non-experts can understand the technical aspects that will be discussed during the seminar.

Date and venue

The seminar is held the 24 of November 2010
Dept. of Science, Systems and Models
Roskilde University
Building 27
Universitetsvej 1
4000 Roskilde


To register contact .

Deadline for registration and abstract submission is November 8 2010

Organizing committee

Jesper S. Hansen
Thomas B. Schrøder


The seminar is sponsered by DNRF centre "Glass and Time".

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